Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Usotsuki Lily Manga - my recent favorite! XD

I just finished reading Usotsuki Lily manga until it's recent chapter, that is chapter 25. It's a really cute story where a normal high school girl gets confessed by a really handsome guy in her school who happens to crossdress as a really cute girl! haha.. it's a twisted crossdressing manga. funny thing is, the girl accepts him even though of his personality who hates men reason for crossdressing!). They even go on dates while the boy is in crossdressing mode, which makes him really popular with the boys! Another funny thing about this manga is that there are also times when the girl crossdresses as a guy and happens to be really cool too making her famous to girls.. ahaha! I tell you, it really is twisted but at the same time really cute, funny and sweet! Manga lovers out there should definitely try this one! Hope this becomes an anime! XD

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